Orienteering – What is it? - Orienteering is a sport with several disciplines (foot-o, MTB-O, etc) that can be practiced by all ages for leisure or competition. Based on its most practiced discipline, Foot Orienteering, we can define the sport as an… [...]
Orienteering Games and Exercises - Didactic games and exercises to learn and train the many dimensions of Orienteering. [...]
Map symbols - Description of all symbols used on Foot Orienteering maps. Divided into sections, each dedicated to a category of symbol. [...]
Control descriptions - The control descriptions is a description of the nature and exact location of the controls on the ground. Furthermore, it indicates the placement of the control flag in relation to the feature where the control is… [...]
Equipament and material - To organize or participate in an orienteering event, some equipment is required, which varies depending on the nature and complexity of the event. [...]
Foot Orienteering - Foot Orienteering is the Orienteering discipline with the greatest tradition and number of athletes, Specific maps are used for Foot Orienteering, designed according to international specifications defined by IOF. [...]
Mountain Bike Orienteering - Mountain Bike (MTB) Orienteering is a discipline similar to Foot Orienteering, but where the movement is done by MTB and mostly along paths. Specific maps are used for MTB Orienteering. [...]
Ski Orienteering - Ski Orienteering is a discipline adapted to snowy terrain. As in MTB orienteering, travel can only be carried out on the paths indicated on the map. [...]
Trail Orienteering - Trail Orienteering (Trail-O) is a discipline, developed from Foot Orienteering, in which the physical performance has been eliminated to allow the participation of orienteers with reduced mobility, including those who need wheelchairs [...]