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Column C – Which of any similar feature

These symbols are only used when it is necessary to clarify which of the identical elements the control point is placed on, i.e. the elements are so close to each other that the correct location is not evident.

This symbol is not necessary if, for example, a second identical element is close to the edge of the control point circle.

Ref.SymbolNameDescriptionISOM/ ISSprOM
0.1NORTHERNThe more northern of two similar features, or the northern-most of several similar features.
0.2SOUTH EASTERN The more south eastern of two similar features, or the south-eastern-most of several similar features.
0.3UPPERWhere the control feature is directly above a similar feature.
0.4LOWERWhere the control feature is directly below a similar feature.
0.5MIDDLEWhere the control feature is the middle one of a number of similar features.