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Column D indicates the feature on which the control flag is placed. These are cross-referenced
to the ISOM 2017-2 (International Specification for Orienteering Maps) and ISSprOM 2019-2
(International Specification for Sprint Orienteering Maps)
symbol or symbols used to represent
them (which are generally harmonised). Note that where a number is given it includes all symbols
beginning with that number (e.g. 509 indicates 509.1 & 509.2).

If a second control feature is required (i.e. for crossing; junction; between) then this must go in
column E. It is not permitted to place two symbols in Column D.

Man-made features (ISOM / ISSprOM section 3.5)

Ref.SymbolNameDescriptionISOM/ ISSprOM
5.1ROADA metalled/asphalt surfaced or dirt road, suitable for vehicles in normal weather conditions.502
5.2TRACK / PATHA visible route made by people or animals. Tracks may be driven by rugged vehicles.504
5.3RIDEA forest ride or a prominent trace through the terrain which does not have a distinct runnable path along it.508
5.4BRIDGEA crossing point over a watercourse or other linear feature.512
5.5POWER LINEA power or telephone line, cableway or ski lift.510
5.6POWER LINE PYLONA support for power or telephone line, cableway or ski lift.510
5.7TUNNELA way under roads, railways, etc.512
5.8WALLA wall wall of stone or other materials.
Used with symbol 8.11 to indicate a ruined wall.
5.9FENCEA wire or wooden boundary.
Used with symbol 8.11 to indicate a ruined fence.
5.10CROSSING POINTA way through or over a wall, fence, or other linear feature, including a gate or stile.519
5.11BUILDINGA man-made structure. Typically of brick, wood or stone.
A pillar supporting a roof.
5.12PAVED AREAAn area of hard standing used for parking or other purposes.501
5.13RUINThe remains of a building that has fallen down.523
5.14PROMINENT MAN-MADE LINE FEATURE. E.G. PIPELINE; BOBSLEIGH/ SKELETON TRACKA prominent line feature such as a pipeline (gas, water, oil, etc.) or a bobsleigh/skeleton track which is above ground level.528
5.15TOWER / PYLONA tower. Typically of metal, brick or wood.524
5.16SHOOTING PLATFORMA structure attached to a tree where a marksman or observer can sit.525
5.17BOUNDARY STONE, CAIRNA man made stone or pile of stones. A cairn, memorial stone, boundary stone or trigonometric point.526
5.18FODDER RACKA construction for holding feed for animals.527
5.19CHARCOAL BURNING GROUND. PLATFORMThe clear remains of an area where charcoal was burned.
A small level man-made area on a slope (a platform).
5.20MONUMENT OR STATUEA monument, memorial or statue.530
5.21CANOPYAn accessible area with a roof. A canopy or a covered passageway through a building.522
5.22STAIRWAYA stairway of at least two steps.532
5.23OUT OF BOUNDS AREAOut of Bounds area. Typically a flower bed or similar feature.520
5.24RAILWAYA railway, tramway, or other kind of railed track.509