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Column F – Dimensions / Combinations / Bend

The dimension(s) of the feature(s) must be given when they add clarity to the map in order to allow the competitor to better visualise the control site; e.g. from a visibility point of view it is important to know if a boulder is 1m high or 3m high.


Ref.SymbolNameDescriptionISOM/ ISSprOM
9.1HEIGHT OR DEPTHHeight or depth of the feature in metres.
9.2SIZEHorizontal dimensions of the feature in metres.
9.3HEIGHT ON SLOPEHeight of the feature on a slope in metres.
9.4HEIGHTS OF TWO FEATURESHeights of two features with the control between them.


Ref.SymbolNameDescriptionISOM/ ISSprOM
10.1CROSSINGThe point at which two linear features cross.
10.2JUNCTIONThe point at which two linear features meet; or where a linear feature meets the side or edge of an areal feature.


Ref.SymbolNameDescriptionISOM/ ISSprOM
11.1BENDUsed where a linear feature makes a smooth change of direction; e.g. Path bend; River bend.