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Despite being included in the International Specification for Orienteering Maps (ISOM), these symbols do not actually describe specific elements of the terrain. They are used to represent the course on the map (as well as specific elements of the course, such as control points, marked routes, etc.) for a given Orienteering event.

To train and learn this category of symbols: Game: Map symbols – Course planning

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CodeSymbolNameDescriptionControl Descrip.
701STARTThe place where the orienteering starts.
702MAP ISSUE POINTIf there is a marked route to the start point, the map issue point is marked using this symbol.
703CONTROL POINTLocation of the control point.
704CONTROL NUMBERNumber of the control point.
705COURSE LINEWhere controls are to be visited in order, the sequence is shown using straight lines from each control to the next one.
706FINISHThe end of the course.
707MARKED ROUTEA marked route that is a part of the course. It is mandatory to follow the marked route.
708OUT-OF-BOUNDS BOUNDARYA boundary which it is not permitted to cross.
709OUT-OF-BOUNDS AREAAn out-of-bounds area shall not be entered.
CROSSING POINTA crossing point, for instance through or over a wall or fence, across a road or railway, through a tunnel or out-of-bounds area, or over an uncrossable boundary.
711OUT-OF-BOUNDS ROUTECompetitors are allowed to cross directly over a forbidden route, but it is forbidden to go along it.
712FIRST AID POSTThe location of a first aid post.
713REFRESHMENT POINTThe location of a refreshment point which is not at a control.