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This category includes both open water and special types of vegetation caused by the presence of water (marsh). The classification is important because it indicates runnability and provides features for map reading and control points. A black line around a water feature indicates that it is uncrossable.

The features listed in this section may only contain water in some seasons. Marsh symbols are combined with area symbols for openness (yellow) and runnability (green and yellow).

To train and learn this category of symbols: Game: Map symbols – Water and marsh

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CodeSymbolNameDescriptionControl Descrip.
301UNCROSSABLE BODY OF WATERUncrossable body of water. The black bank line emphasises that the feature is uncrossable.3.1
302SHALLOW BODY OF WATERShallow body of water. A shallow seasonal or periodic body of water may be represented using a dashed outline.3.2
303WATERHOLEA water-filled pit or an area of water which is too small to be shown to scale.3.3
304CROSSABLE WATERCOURSEA crossable watercourse. Should be at least 2 m wide.3.4
305SMALL CROSSABLE WATERCOURSEA small crossable watercourse.3.4
306MINOR/SEASONAL WATER CHANNELA natural or man-made minor water channel which may contain water only intermittently.3.5
307UNCROSSABLE MARSHA marsh which is uncrossable or dangerous for the competitor. The black outline emphasises that the feature is uncrossable.3.7
308MARSHA crossable marsh, usually with a distinct edge.3.7
309NARROW MARSHA marsh or trickle of water which is too narrow (less than about 5 m wide) to be shown with the marsh symbol.3.6
310INDISTINCT MARSHAn indistinct marsh, seasonal marsh or an area of gradual transition from marsh to firm ground, which is crossable.3.7
311WELL, FOUNTAIN OR WATER TANKA prominent well, fountain, water tank or captive spring.3.9
312SPRINGA source of water.3.10
313PROMINENT WATER FEATUREProminent water feature.